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First Posted 12-26-2004

Updated 8-23-2012


Why the heck would I care about doing Gluten Free baking?  Well, it seems I am one of the lucky people who is sensitive to Gluten.  I live in the lovely city of Santa Barbara and I can tell you, finding supplies and food that is free of gluten here is pretty much impossible.  Below, I have listed three websites I do my gluten free shopping at, plus I am compiling a list of recipes that at least to me taste good.  So far, I have not come up with a satisfactory bread recipe.  When I do, I will post that here as well.  Although, next on my list is to make dough naughts (donuts).  That will be fairly easy, as donut dough is very similar to pancake batter.  One thing you will notice is I generally put another grain in with the rice.  This is because all by itself, rice has pretty much no flavor.  Right now, I have been using Amaranth Flour.  I have also used Quinoa Flour as well.  Quinoa has a lot more flavor than Amaranth and is very good.


Fenel Marinated Roast Chicken

August 23, 2012

    This is a minor variation on brining chicken.

       In a 1 gallon plastic container add:
        1/2 cup of Kosher Salt (must be Kosher or Sea Salt, DO NOT USE TABLE SALT)
        1/2 cup of  raw brown sugar
        1 cup of aplle juice
        1 cup of Fairbanks Sherry (or similar not use cooking sherry *(YUCK)*)
        and enough water to fill the container up about  1/2 way
        Disolve the solids into the liquid.

        Put 2 TBL of fennel in a omlet pan and roast them for about 2 minutes.  Then grind them up with a mortar and pestal.  Not, in about 2 cups of water, make tea out of the fennel.  Probably boiling the fennel in the water for a bit is best.  However, I just did mine in a glass cup in the microwave.  Took a total of about 3 minutes.  The stronger the fennel tea, the better, in my opinion.  Add the Tea to the brining solution.

        I used 1/2 chicken breasts with ribs attatched.  My opinion, free range chicken  has a much better flaver to begin with.  I would stay away from the big brands (Foster Farms, Expecially Tyson...)  I got my chicken at Gelsons.  Put chicken in bin.  Put bin in refridgerator and let them soak for about 12 - 24 hours.  


Get a pyrex backing dish.  Using your pump up oil sprayer, spay a coat of Extra Light olive oil on the pan.  Put in the chicken, skin side down is what I prefer, and then give the chicken a light coat of oil.  Then I sprinkle on some italian seasoning.  Roast for about 1 hour at 350 degrees F.  Remove from oven, and let it rest for about 10 to 15 minuts.

Not even an iron chef could do better  ...   (well, probably could :-)

Gluten Free Cookie Recipe


            1 Cup White Rice Flour

            ½ Cup Amaranth Flour

            ½ Cup Vegetable Shortening (Crisco)

            ½ Cup Tapioca Four

            1 Tsp Salt

            1 ½ Tsp Xanthan Gum

            1 Large Egg

            2 Tbl Milk

            ¼ Cup confectioners sugar

            2 Tsp Bobs Redmill Baking Power

            Dash of Cinnamon and Vanilla Extract to taste


            Cream the shortening and mix in the sugar.  Add the egg and the milk and beat until fairly smooth.  Mix all of the dry components in a separate bowl and mix together.  Add ½ of the dry components into the liquid and mix.  Then add the rest of the dry components and mix some more.  Roll dough on cutting board and cut into favorite shapes.  I bake these things pretty hot.  I set my oven to 450 F.  It takes about 10 to 15 minutes.  While these are not great cookies, these are the best I have managed to do that are gluten free.  Be real careful of the Xanthan Gum, too much and you can bounce the cookies off the floor.



Gluten Free Pancake (baking) Mix


            6 Cups of White Rice Flour

            1 ½ Cups of Amaranth Flour

            ¼ Cup of Tapioca Flour

            ¼ Cup of Potato Flour

            ¼ Cup of Bobs Redmill Baking Powder

            1 Tbl Salt

            1 Tbl Baking Soda (Bicarbonate of Soda)

            1 Tbl Confectioners Sugar


            Thoroughly mix all ingredients in a large mixing bowl and then put it in some sort of storage container.


            To make buttermilk pancakes:


            1 Large Egg

            2/3 Cup of Buttermilk (Sort of depends on the buttermilk, I use Altadena Low Fat Cultured Buttermilk, which is thinner than some others)

            1 Tsp Vegetable Oil

            ½ Cup of Gluten Free Pancake Mix


            Add the liquid components first.  Beat until well mixed.  Before adding in the Pancake mix, make sure the Griddle is ready to cook on.  I set mine to about 375 F.  Add the ½ cup of Pancake mix and beat until the lumps are gone.  If it is too thick, I sometimes add just a smidge of water and beat that in.  Don’t let the mix stand for very long, it thickens up real fast.  I can get about four 6 inch diameter pancakes from the above.  It takes about 4 minutes on each side.


Gluten Free Donuts


            1 Cup Rice Flour

            ¾ Cup Amaranth Flour

            ¼ Cup Tapioca Flour

            1 ½ Tsp Bob’s Redmill Baking Powder

            1/3 Cup Confectioners Sugar

            ¼ Tsp Baking Soda

            1 Tbl Nutmeg

            1 Tsp Xanthan Gum

            Dash of Cinnamon


            2 Eggs

            1 Cup Butter Milk

            4 Tbl Olive Oil


            I mix all of the dry ingredients together first.  Then in a separate bowl, I mix the Eggs, Buttermilk and Olive oil together.  I then add the liquid into the dry and mix together.  When mixed, the dough will be pretty gooey.  This is important.  Makes it a little difficult to work with…but…  Now if you must, you can maybe add one or two tablespoons of rice flour, but remember, it needs to be pretty gooey.  I divide the dough in half.  Dust a cutting board with a bit of rice flour.  Coat your hands with rice flour, as well as the rolling pin.  I put the dough on the cutting board, coat the top with just a bit of rice flour and then roll it out.  Rather amazingly, it did not stick to either the rolling pin or cutting board when prepared like this.  Cut out the donuts with a cutter and put them in the bin for a deep fat fryer and fry at 375 degrees.  It takes about 2 minutes per side.  Just keep going until you run out.  I didn’t actually count the donuts, but it looks like I got about 2 dozen donuts and donut holes…When they are fresh, they were pretty good.  After a day, they are OK but a little heavier in texture.  Still, the best gluten free donuts I have made to date.


More Pancake / Baking Mix Recipes

        1 Cup Teff Flour
        1 Cup Quinoa Flour
        3 Cups Bette's Gourmet Featherlight Rice Flour Blend
        1 Cup Bette's Gourmet Four Flour Blend
        2 Cups Brown Rice Flour
        1/2 Cup Frontier Psyllium Seed Husk Powdered (Barcode 0-89836-00709-4)
        1/4 Cup Baking Powder
        1/2 TSP Xanthum Gum....(do not use any more than this...a little goes a long way...too much, and it will be like eating rubber)
        1 TBL Salt
        1 TBL Baking Soda (Sodium BiCarbonate)
        12 oz Saco cultured Buttermilk Blend (powdered). 

    One thing to note about this mixuter is the use of Psyllium Husk.  My doctor originally thought that this might help with my intestinal problems, but I discovered that it is a very useful ingredient in gluten free baking.

    To make pancakes...

        Two large eggs
        2 TBL extra virgin olive oil
        3/4 cup water
        1 Cup Baking Mix.

        Start with the two eggs, oil and water and beat until the mixture begins to froth.  Add the flour and mix with wisk.  Now, it should be noted that at first, this will be pretty runny.  You will need to let the batter sit for a minute or two and it should begin to thicken up.  It may take a little practice to get the proportions of water to flour just right.  Too much flour will make a real gluey mess that is not going to make good pancakes.  As soon as it begins to thicken up a bit, pour the pancake batter onto a griddle that is about 350 degrees F.  Cook about 3 minutes per side.  I get very light and fluffy pancakes from this, and they also tast very good.  I don't even miss eating wheat based pancakes anymore.


            Where to get supplies.


            Finding high quality rice flour is a bit of a problem.  Some of it is very gritty.  I have used rice flour from three places.


            Arrowhead Mills


            Bob’s Red Mill


            Cause Your Special


            This is pretty subjective, but I would rank the white rice flour from Cause You Special to be the best, Bob’s Red Mill is a close second, with Arrowhead Mills bringing up the rear.  All of the rest of the products I would say are pretty equal.  Making flour out of rice must be extremely difficult judging by the wide differences in quality.


            Now if you happen to live in Seattle, you are in real luck.  There is at least one place up there that sell bulk white rice flour at a very reasonable price and the quality is fairly good as well.  I can’t remember the name of it, but I am sure if you look around enough, you will find it.