Interfacing the Spartan 3 Starter Board to the Atmel STK500/501 Starter Kit

 First Posted December 8, 2007
Updated: January 8, 2008

 This is going to be, hopefully, a very fun project.  It is going to involve writing a lot of verilog code to run on a Spartan 3 FPGA, as well as C code for running on an ATmega2561 microcontroller.  The goal is to interface the FPGA to a CS4385 8 channel DAC to make a very nice 256 channel digital synthesizer.  There are also going to be interfaces to a VGA display to display status and debug info.  This should be a big help if I can get it to work.  I might also make a mouse interface.

I have little pieces of it partly complete.  Nothing, so far, is done.

Interface Board

    This board is used to interface between the Spartan 3 Starter Board to the Atmel SDK500/501 board set.

VGA Display IP

    This is the verilog code for a VGA interface adaptor.  This is almost ready to be tested.

Windows Font Editor Program

    This is a program for creating character fonts.  It will save files as either a binary file, coe file, or C/C++ data file.

Audio IP

    This is the verilog code for an I2S interface and a digital synthesizer.

Midi IP

    This is the verilog code for a MIDI port....well, why not.

ATMega Firmware

    This is the firmware for running in an AT mega for controlling all of this.  Uses a Real Time OS to boot...

Windows Host Program

    This is for testing and controlling the hardware.