The Family Piano

Updated December 31, 2011


    This is the Family Piano.  It dates from around 1898.  You can't read it, but on the cover that goes over the keys it says:Whitney, Chicago.  The piano has been mechanically fully restored.  There is a bit of work that needs to be done on some of the woodwork, and the piano bench is a mess.  But it sounds very good now.  If you look at the lower left hand leg, you can see some damage that was done in a fire just about in the 1920 time range.  The piano was restrung at about the same time, and below, you can see a concert ticket that was being used as a shim under the keyboard by the piano tech who did the work at the time.

    The work on the piano was done by a local piano tech by the name of James Connolly.

 Please Note:  This is just showing off our piano.  It is NOT for sale.